Saturday, September 04, 2010

Hello, my name is Mohamed, I like death, killings, beheadings....

Hello, my name is Mohamed, I live in Sydney Australia and my interests are death, killing people I disagree with, beheadings and worshipping Allah, PBOH.
Mohamed, as the head the Global Islamic Youth Centre in the Sydney southwest suburb of Liverpool in 2005, gained notoriety for a speech at the Bankstown Town Hall in March of that year in which he told the audience a rape victim has "no-one to blame but herself"
In the same year, Mohamed, who was believed to be living in the Middle East, came to the attention of Australia's attorneys-general when his lectures were included in a box set of DVDs which urged young Muslims to kill non-believers.
DUTCH anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders, the country's most heavily guarded politician, has denounced an Australian Muslim cleric's reported call for his beheading for denigrating Islam.
Here's my slant on the issue. Who would I rather have as my next door neighbor? 
Tricky question indeed.
If I prefer Geert Wilders, who holds opinions that I'm entirely in agreement, as a neighbor he would cause me endless fear and concern because I know there would be countless Mo's out there trying to kill him. 

On the other hand, having Mohamed as my next door neighbor...the thought makes me shudder. Just as well he's in Sydney and I'm in Melbourne.

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Patrick Carroll said...

What a charming fellow...

And we just put up with clowns like this instead of booting them back to the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia or wherever.