Thursday, September 02, 2010

"Imagine there's no heaven, Imagine there's no Hell" - John Lennon

Woman filmed dumping cat in wheelie bin in Coventry

PETA Offers Award To Catch Woman In Puppy Drowning Video

Imagine this, in an alternative universe, there are no police, there is no crime.
Every single one of our actions is monitored and broadcast to the rest of the world.
Any behavior that is errant is observed by our peer group (the rest of the world).The result of such behavior is that the offender is identified and ostracized immediately by the reigning judge and jury made up of peers. There is no possibility of escape for any offender so the incentives to conform are overpowering.
Such is the situation that there is no need for government or indeed government laws, prisons, courts, police.
Think of it as a bee fact there will no longer be any NEWS.


Jeannie said...

sounds lovely "cough cough"

Anonymous said...

in the meantime,
we have a two-way street
with millions of cellphone cameras
trained on the police (am thinking they're not liking that too much)

just had to look in here, lexcen, to see what new gripes you've come up with... ummm, yeah, and to take another look at your pm :)

carry on


Damien said...


I personally hate Peta, and I'm no fan of the animal rights movement, but this is one instance, when I can not oppose what they're doing, something very rare indeed. If she really did stuff like film herself drowning a bunch of helpless puppies, what on Earth is wrong with her? Sick, just sick.