Monday, July 07, 2008

Children as sex objects? - leave the artists alone!

I'm really getting pissed off with all the concern about child abuse when it comes to children appearing naked in photographs or paintings.
So much public outrage and indignation is ridiculous.

There are imagined scenarios of artists or photographers being possible pedophiles or the material falling into the hands of pedophiles. A lot of what if's? A lot of speculation and a lot of bullshit.

I'll show you what you should be really concerned about. Here are some examples of children being sexualized with lipstick, mascara and make-up and nobody is the slightest perturbed but the whole disgusting scenario.

Images removed by Lexcen

Get a grip on reality people! This is OBSCENE!


Hammer said...

I once stumbled into a child beauty pageant that was being held at a shopping mall.

I was disgusted by the whole scene.

The mothers were screaming at and browbeating their 5 year old children for smearing their makeup or not paying attention or forgetting their lines.

I say let kids be kids.

Exploiting them for art, sports television, and pagaents is cruel and harmful in many respects.

The formative years of a child's life should not be spent naked in front of a camera or dressed like a 2 dollar whore on a stage.

Culturist John said...

I agree with the above posts. I am against child pageants for similar reasons. But I do not think these photos are intended to be sexy. They just look like an extension of little girls playing grown-up.