Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Decline of the West

Here is an interesting article on the decline of Western civilization brought about by mult-culturalism.

The Defeat of the Mind

One of the more astute contemporary observers of Western decline is the French writer Alain Finkielkraut. In his 1987 book La Défaite de la Pensée (The Defeat of the Mind), he traces the lineage of the multiculturalist disease, which, he argues, has provided much of the impetus for a widespread abandonment of the intellect throughout the Western world. This stance, and subsequent tracts in the same vein, have earned him near-pariah status among most of the “intellectuals” of Western Europe.

Check out the link to read the entire article.

In this vast stew of cultures, the idol of Post-Modernism raises its ugly head. God, country, family, the individual, the Enlightenment, and art have all been murdered—but instead of lamenting the loss of orientation and depth, confusion is now worshiped. “When hatred of culture itself becomes cultural,” observes Finkielkraut, “life with intellect loses all meaning.”

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Michael said...

The decline of the West is epitomized, I think, in the "prisoner swap" that Israel just conducted....