Sunday, July 13, 2008


It seems that my post on Christian Nudist Convocation has attracted an inordinate amount of hits according to my live feed bar.
Who would have thought the two buzz words "Christian" and "nudist" juxtaposed in one sentence would cause such a furore of interest?
I can only speculate that either Christians have an insatiable desire to read/see other Christians nude or the general population finds the concept novel enough and interesting enough to visit my blog and check it out.
What does this tell me about Christians? That they are starved of innocent sexual voyerism?
Maybe Christians refrain from visiting the hardcore porn sites but feel less inhibited to check out the Christian nudist story.
I wonder if the Pope has an opinion on this subject. The pope is BIG on moral values.
How does nudism fit into the overall concept of morality?
Is it OK to view nude children or is that crossing the boundary of good taste?
When did the naked human body first become an object of repulsion? I think it was Adam and Eve who started it all. Of course you wouldn't know that if you checked out the religious paintings depicting Adam and Eve.
The Sistine Chapel, painted by Michelangelo was considered too nude by his patron the Pope and was subsequently modified in the interests of modesty and good taste. Poor Michelangelo he must be turning in his grave.
I have a personal fascination with the nude in art. I've been putting together a very long article on this subject but doubt it will ever be finished or published.
Recently there has been the furore in Australia regarding nude children as subjects in art photography and painting.
I'm surprised by the comments people have left on my blog. Obviously nude children is a taboo that I wasn't aware of. Child pornography has made us all cringe at the thought of viewing images of naked children. A sad development in a sickness that plagues modern society.
In other articles about naked teenagers as subjects in art photography, I read about the inherent sexual awakening of teenagers. All adults know about the trauma of puberty and sexual awakening but we must bury the subject because we all live in fear of the ever present pedophile.
It seems amazing to me that in a culture that is flooded with sexual images of women as a means of promoting every product under the sun; in a society that has easy access to porn and every conceivable perversion available in pornography, that we would find the naked body so disturbing and shocking.

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Hammer said...

Much of our attitudes toward nudity is left over from earlier victorian mores.

I can't help but think that people who use nude children in art have ulterior motives. The guy you mentioned in your earlier post was writing stuff on his blog that demonstrated his overt sexual infatuation with children.

With the widespread sexual abuse and trafficing of children for nefarious purposes, I can't help but not trust the "art" excuse.

I'm not saying it's all like that. there are places in the world where it's not given a second glance. I was at a place once where the hippies and their children ran nude, after the initial reaction I never gave it a second thought. It seemed normal.