Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am disturbed

Most readers who frequently visit this blog would know by now that Lex is very disturbed individual. Now I'm even more disturbed. Nothing disturbs me as much as nudity and now I read that there is a crackdown on nudity and other disturbing behaviour on beaches in Dubai.

What is puzzling Lex is how does a beach inspector go "undercover"?

Do they uncover themselves when they go "undercover" to blend in with the crowd?
Or do they just patrol the beaches in civvies and clipboard in hand, ready to hand out fines.
Too obvious to catch any "disturbing" behaviour.
I'm sure the Dubai authorities will be more devious than that in their attempts to clean up their beaches of those disturbing naked female breasts, jiggling and wobbling as breasts tend to do, distracting the coming and going of ordinary Dubai citizens.

I've been disturbed too much this week by finding articles showing naked diners at a restaurant, naked Harry Potter, naked protesters, naked crime boss wife in magazine...
very very disturbing.

Stay tuned for more disturbing news...


Hammer said...

A guy in New Jersey was just arrested for having some dirty magazines in the backseat of his car. It's madness.

Yeah these idiots in the middle east are going around arresting and beating women who are seen unaccompanied or not wearing traditional muslim attire.

Jeannie said...

I don't really care if others want to bare themselves - although I think they should be considerate of those who may not want to look - go somewhere a little off the beaten path.

I've always wondered though re: nudity - men are inclined to rise to the occasion when they see an attractive woman - how on earth do they keep things under control on a nude beach or colony? Or is the fear of embarassment enough to keep things kosher?

Lexcen said...

Jeannie, I don't know. I've never exposed myself on a nude beach.

Culturist John said...

I generally think clothes are a good idea. At least half the people I see make me say, "Thank progress for clothes."