Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Faith in our Justice System

It warms the cockles of my heart to read the words of Ali Chaouk that he has faith in our justice system.
What better recommendation for justice than from a member of a family of the late Macchour Chaouk,

THE family of alleged crime patriarch Macchour Chaouk, gunned down at his Melbourne home on Friday, have taken time out from his funeral to issue a call for justice and a spray at the media.
Speaking outside Chaouk's funeral service the Preston Mosque, two family members read a statement titled "Let Justice Prevail" to the assembled media.

Omar's father, who was born in Tripoli and migrated in 1969, was a convicted heroin trafficker. Five years ago, Omar's brother Mohamed, 29, was shot dead by a member of the Special Operations Group during a raid on the family's home. Omar claims he had a gun held to his head as a 13-year-old during the raid.

Macchour Chaouk had a long criminal history, including convictions for heroin trafficking, but told The Age several months ago he wanted the violence surrounding his family to end. Last month armed police stormed the heavily fortified Chaouk residence, with Macchour and sons Omar, 18, and Waleed, 36, arrested.
The raid uncovered guns, ammunition and blank passports. Macchour and Waleed were released pending further inquiries and Omar was charged with five offences, some firearm-related.

As the old saying goes "live by the sword, die by the sword".


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