Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mental Illness

I don't usually bring my personal problems to my blog, I can't imagine anybody finding them in the slightest bit interesting.
I suggest that those who want to read something entertaining stop reading now.

Saturday night has turned into an nightmare as my wife suddenly and without any warning went over the edge from sanity to a state of agitation, irrational behavior, muttering of gibberish, hallucinating and extreme irritability.
I suspect it's caused by an adverse interaction between the various psychiatric medications she's taking although it could be a more serious development.
Being the small hours of Sunday morning, it's impossible to get any emergency psychiatric help so I'm at my wits end to deal with someone who is out of control.

The good news is that I finally convinced her to take a warm bath which seemed to calm her down (or is it just physical exhaustion?) and lie down in bed.
She's still hallucinating and talking gibberish so it's off to the emergency ward Sunday morning.

I wonder why illness always strikes at the worst time when help is unavailable.
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Jeannie said...

sorry to hear - hope things are better now

I have always wondered why the worst happens when medical help is least available. Whatever happened to doctors who were available? It wasn't even so long ago - my first child was delivered by my 8 month pregnant gp. Our next doctor made housecalls and would actually phone US to see how things were going at tough times. My doc now used to and perhaps still does live in my neighborhood but is never available although she used to be.

Culturist John said...


Im very sorry to hear about that. I had a girlfriend go mad once and it was NOT fun or funny.

My only advice is to remember to take care of yourself too. You cannot help her if you are not sort of rested and healthy, so do give yourself a break once in a while.

Very much a bummer. Take care,


Lexcen said...

Thanks for the comments.
We must be extremely lucky because K has woken up feeling her normal self without remembering the strange episodes of the previous night. I can only hope it was a once off episode brought on by an adverse effect caused by interaction of her different medications. Only time will tell. May her doctor will shed more light on this episode.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that she is better. My dad had a similar reaction so bad he landed in the hospital for a while. I hope she is okay from now on. You are a good, patient person!

Culturist John said...

Yes glad to hear all is better.


Jim Belshaw said...

How worrying, Lexcen. I hope that she has continued to improve. Jim

Mattexian said...

Lexcen, you have my sympathies. I lived with a bipolar woman and her mood fluctuations due to medication changes or lack thereof, and it seemed like the worst times were, like in your case, on weekends and holiday nights. Hang in there best you can.