Thursday, July 31, 2008


Nightclub bans fat women.
This story caught my eye because it seems that we are eternally vigilant these days in spotting any evidence of discrimination against people.
Ethnic,religious,political,sexual,physical discrimination is absolutely NO NO.
Everybody is equal these days and god help those who think they can get away with any form of discrimination.
Recently I read about a Gay nightclub that was actively banning people who weren't gay from entry. That was curious enough in itself because I asked myself, how do you know if somebody is or isn't gay? Apart from the obvious telltale signs, not every gay person flaunts their sexual orientation openly. But I digress.

My concern is with discrimination. It seems that just about anybody can make a claim of discrimination whether that claim is justified or not.
Mothers who wish to breast feed their babies in public are always a target of discrimination by people who feel it is inappropriate for female breasts to be exposed in public.

People who take their children to restaurants face discrimination by those who prefer to enjoy their meal without the sounds of wailing crying babies and little people running around amok in the restaurant.

As you could probably surmise, the world is full of discrimination.
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Culturist John said...

The other day I went to a Korean run market with my Korean wife. I figured it out from the math. BUT, it was still surprising when my wife turned to me and said, "Do you want to get some beer? They're charging us the Korean price!"

We had a spat. If I ran a store and said I'm charging whites more than blacks, it would make CNN. She said that is very normal for Koreans, they're very "stuck together."

As an American, I saw this as a moral crime. But as a culturist, I saw it as a sad truth: the only culture that is not allowed to discriminate in its favor, the only one that doesn't, is the West. We're not even fighting and we have one hand tied behind our back.


Anonymous said...

Crying over discrimination is justified sometimes, but others not so much. In the case of not allowing fat women in, that just seems mean spirited.

I wouldn't want to patronize places where I'm not wanted like gay nightclubs. I think it's up to the establishment who they let in.

I wish more restaurants would turn away parents who bring children under a certain age. There should be havens for those who want a peaceful meal. There are Applebees, Friendlys and the like out there, why do people insist on bringing little kids to fancy restaurants?

Hammer said...

I wish there was more common sense discrimination. Like for example our shopping malls do not allow people who wear gang style clothes.