Saturday, October 25, 2008

Annual Cactus Show

Once again, the annual cactus and succulent show was attended.
The grand prizewinner shown in this pic well deserves the accolade.

What caught my attention and interest was the creative use of grafting by one exhibitor. He plans to sell these extraordinary creations on the net. Anyone interested should keep an eye out for these beauties.

Grafting is done on a species that grows extremely fast (name escapes me) whilst the graft is the size of a pinhead when placed on the host.

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Anonymous said...

It's a shame that the hybrid is incapable of self-reproduction, isn't it? Of course, gene splicing would prove a more "artful" and perhaps more "lasting" modification.

Lexcen said...

Nature has a good reason for preventing reproduction by hybrids unless the mutation serves some practical purpose and advantage in survival.
As for genetic engineering, I have serious concerns and am not enthusiastic about it because groping in the dark and going up blind alleys with this type of science is frightening.