Saturday, November 08, 2008

Interesting professions

In a series of investigative articles, Lex, will explore some out of the extaordinary but nevertheless interesting occupations.
I'm sure many of us who are trapped in an endless cycle of 9-5 work will consider the possibility that another occupation would be more satisfying and spiritually rewarding if only we had the inkling to consider a career move.

It is in this spirit of adventure that I would like to explore the alternative to that humdrum job where you probably hate your colleagues and find office politics intolerable.
Ever considered a job where the hours are few? Ever considered a job where the dress code is optional?
Ever considered a job where you are constantly meeting new and interesting people?
Consider yourself artistic? Would you like to break into movies?
Acting experience not required.
Have I got you salivating yet?

Now you mind jump to conclusions and think I would be referring to something like a male porn actor. Well not quite, yes and no.

I'm thinking of that noble profession that is all but unknown outside of the industry as the "stunt cock".

For those of you who have considered a career as a male porn actor but do not have good looks, do not have a great body or even are challenged in the endowment of male talent there is hope for you as a stunt cock.

What (you may well ask) is a stunt cock?
It's the guy who fills in (excuse the phrase) for the actor who is unable to do the money shot.
Now I don't have to explain to you dear reader the "money shot" do I?

I don't think any job could get better than this. OK, the pay is minimal but what the hell?
I'm sure some people, no many guys have been in training for this role all their lives.

So don't hesitate, don't prevaricate, in fact don't masturbate because you are wasting your talent.

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Anonymous said...

Quick, somebody call me a fluffer!

Anonymous said...

I'd call you a lot of things, Hugo, but never a fluffer.

Jeannie said...

That's one career I'll never have.

Lexcen said...

Fluffer, intriguing.