Monday, July 20, 2009


No doubt people will be talking about the latest bombings in Jakarta. And no doubt everybody will be careful not to make any reference to the Religion of Peace.
No surprise then that a statement from the Australian Multicultural Foundation (who? you say) is about to tell us not to confuse Islam with terrorism in a book titled (here I feel outrage and shame that my name has been used again without license) A Lexicon on Terror.

Multicultural Foundation head Hass Dellal told
The Age many Muslims interpreted "war on terror" as a war on Islam.

No doubt about it, I am confused, I am one of the many confused.

So I decided to check out the Australian Multicultural Foundation. I wondered what group of people might make up this organization.

You would assume that multicultural would imply people from all over the world wouldn't you?
So I checked out the web site of the Australian Multicultural Foundation.
What I found (check link) is that it is made up of Muslims. Highly educated people with impeccable credentials but nevertheless 100% Muslims.

Pardon my cynicism here but when I see an organization that labels itself Australian and Multicultural I might assume something other than a Muslim propaganda machine.

What seems tragic to me is that this noble group of Muslim people are so deluded that they can exist in a state of denial and probably extreme ignorance of the true nature of their religion.
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FJ said...

Why would so many Muslim's interpret a "War on Terror" as a "War on Islam". That's not the West's mistake, it's theirs.