Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Modern tale.

Ok Mohamed, so you feel like the need to live in another country.
Somalia is a mess, you're black and you're Muslim. It makes sense to emigrate to Australia. Right?
Australia, land of kangaroos, beer, casual sex and loose morals. Perfect for a Muslim.

After a while, Mohamed feels unhappy. Mohamed doesn't fit in, he becomes alienated. How can this be?
It's the fault of those damn Australians.

So Mohamed makes plans to do a bit of killing. That's what good Muslims do.
Australian soldiers seems like a good target. After all they are killing innocent Muslims in Iraq. Mohamed wants to teach those nasty Australians a lesson.

Mohamed is then arrested and he's surprised.

"But I didn't do anything", he pleads.

Mohamed's family tells the media he is a good boy. He must have been a victim of alienation. It's all the fault of the Australians.

So, all you Australians, hang your heads in shame.


Jeannie said...

Someone should tell these people that if they act like assholes, others don't want to hang with them. It's stupid to suggest that everyone accept everyone - doesn't work that way.

Anonymous said...

Either be prepared to assimilate... OR DON'T EMMIGRATE!

Mattexian said...

Or worse, moving to a new place, and demanding that everyone there change to make it more like your old place. I've seen that happen, and it wasn't about religion.

Anonymous said...

Ick. The victim mentality is just disgusting.
Reminds me of Bush catering to Muslims after 9-11. It's the religion of peace.
Mmm hmm.