Thursday, January 07, 2010

Japanese Whale Research

The recent news about Japanese whale research vessels colliding with a protestors boat made me think.
I began to ask myself these questions, what sort of research are the Japanese conducting?
Where are the research results?
Thank God for the internet, the answers were just waiting for me at the click of a few keys.
Here is the link to the research results.

Those of you who bother to check out the results might find something more significant than me, a mere layman and certainly not a whale scientist or marine biologist. Of course, stomach contents seems a bit of research overkill (pardon the pun) to justify killing whales in the name of research.

I think the research results speak for themselves.
The Japanese have a very serious attitude to "losing face" usually rectified only by hara-kiri.

In reference to their published whale research results, I think a lot of hara- kiri is not only necessary but to be expected very soon.


Anonymous said...

I think I may have missed your point. You object that the Japanese kill a whale a day in the name of science?

Americans abort 2,800 babies a day in the name of women's rights.

Pound for pound I suspect that Americans have got them beat.

Lexcen said...

FJ, comparing apples with oranges isn't the best way establish a rational argument.

Lexcen said...

BTW, I deliberately avoid getting into heated discussions about abortion because I'm not religious. Since I believe all anti-abortion opinions stem from a religious stance, I feel it is a pointless discussion, as much as one about whether God exists or not.
I will stick my neck out and say that a foetus is not a human being (yet) and that's why it is called a foetus.

Anonymous said...

My anti-abortion position stems from a "disgust" stance, much as your anti-whaling position.

So if you gave two sh*ts about science, you'd applaud the Japanese for the great "progressivity" and dedication to leaving no parasites unexamined.

Lexcen said...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It's a lot harder to "induce" the sameness in an argument's cases then "deduce" the differences.

beamish said...

Not sure how you'd go about convincing the Japanese of the "wrongness" of carving up whales or having abortions.

If they're Buddhists, they have no theological concepts of sin or blasphemy, and if they're Shintoists they have the paradox of not believing in an afterlife while praying to dead ancestors.

You'd have to attack and shame purposes there. What purpose do whale vivisection and dissection serve? What purpose does abortion serve?

And conversely, what purpose does not killing a whale or not killing a fetus serve?

On the purpose of avoiding abortion question, the answer is in the mirror.