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As the Christian world celebrates another Easter, let's consider for a moment the background to this event.
A guy is put on trial and found guilty for various crimes against the state. He is punished by crucifixion.
Fast forward a few hundred years and there is another series of trials, this time in the name of this unfortunate guy that is now known as Jesus Christ. Call it payback if you will but now we have the Spanish Inquisition where people are tortured until they are found guilty. Yes, there is no other alternative outcome to anyone accused of heresy but to be found guilty.
Fast forward another few hundred years and arrive at here today. The leader of the Catholic Church claims diplomatic immunity from trial. The offence, hundreds if not thousands of child abuse cases which he has effectively suppressed and denied the victims any justice.
POPE BENEDICT XVI cannot be called to testify at any trial including one involving clerical child sex abuse because he has immunity from prosecution as a head of state, the Vatican’s most senior legal official has said.
Wouldn't it be divine justice if the Pope was subjected to the Spanish Inquisition, since he is immune from any secular court? 
And of course we know that he would be found guilty, it's the way of the Spanish Inquisition.

Have a Happy Easter
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