Sunday, May 09, 2010

Burqas in Bourke St

I guess it had to happen eventually. We often imagine a scenario that has yet to happen and then it happens.
In this case, a thief has used the burqa as a disguise in Melbourne. It's only once, and it's the first time.
But the reaction has been like putting a match to a tinder box. First a politician suggests a ban on the burqa as it has been reported on this blog in countries of Europe.
Next, the talkback radio program on Sunday begins a discussion on this issue.
Before the day is out, there is talk of opening branches in banks for the exclusive use of ....yes you guessed it...Muslim women wearing burqas.

London has Piccadilly Circus, Paris has the Champs De Elysee, New York has Times Square.
 Melbourne has Bourke Street.So, dear reader, here is my vision of Bourke Street in years to come. Not exactly how I remember it and probably not as most people would know it. In fact you could say that this is a vision of Times Square or Piccadilly Circus or Paris even in the very near future.
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Jeannie said...

What a ridiculous expensive idea. And doesn't exactly solve the problem does it?

beamish said...

What's frighteningly not-so-funny funny about America is that if the burka were banned here, leftists would be donning them in solidarity against "oppression."

WomanHonorThyself said... epidemic it is!