Monday, July 19, 2010

Boy Scouts or Muslim combatants?

Stumbling into this story makes my hair stand on end.
Apparently in Philadelphia, there is a Muslim boy scout movement which, according to this story ,
The children joining Jawala Scouts are as young as seven years of age....some of the activities of the group, which include hand-to-hand combat, firearms training and survival tactics. Photographs from the group’s official website show the kids dressed in military fatigues, hiking through the woods

No doubt they'll sit by the campfire reading the Koran and at night tell stories of martyrs and jihad...Baden Powell must be turning in his grave.


Jeannie said...

People are naive. They believe that everyone is like them. They believe that if they are tolerant, everyone will be tolerant. So if we allow those of other faiths and cultures to be free in our culture then they will return that tolerance and allow us to be free as well. It doesn't necessarily work that way. Why they can't see this happening everywhere is beyond me. Wishful thinking I guess. Perhaps WWI & II were only good for a generation.

Patrick Carroll said...

Geez, I'd love to know what the first commenter was on about...perhaps he/she a member of the Asian chapter of this mob???

Lexcen said...

The first one is a spammer with links to porn, I usually delete it as soon as possible.