Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Citizen Warrior Blog (Recommendation)

Citizen Warrior is a blog worth reading if you want to know more about Islam.

I admire his ability to stay calm and focused when discussing an issue, especially when confronted with outrageous comments in his comment section.
I like his list of articles titled BEST ARTICLES and for example,  How to Approach a Conversation about Islam. Another one titled The Terrifying Brilliance of Islam is also very concise and informative.

Once the whole world is Islamic, peace will reign. That's why even terrorists can say with complete sincerity, "Islam is a religion of peace."

This is a single subject blog with excellent hyperlinks between subjects discussed, in fact a complete course in understanding Islam.

Malise Ruthven's book, A Fury for God: The Islamist Attack on America, seeks to understand the forces behind Islamic terrorist attacks. It is a difficult book to read, and yet parts of it clarified and illuminated Islamic terrorism better than anything I've ever read. And A Fury for God: The Islamist Attack on America is one of the very few books I've read that has no obvious ax to grind.

I thought that was interesting. In the West, because we hold liberty as a fundamental value, we think of morality as something we exercise personally, from within.
Islam is more oriented toward controlling the environment — essentially to limit temptations — in order to impose morality (or strengthen it) from outside. In that sense, then, a free society is incompatible with the strict application of Islam. An Islamic-style moral life would require an Islamic state, or at the very least, the kind of isolated or enclosed community the Amish have. (This may explain, at least in part, why the mosque Nonie Darwish attended encouraged American Muslims to stay isolated from the infidel American culture.)
 So I urge everyone to visit and read this blog so that more people might know and understand Islam and the threat it poses to democracy.

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