Thursday, July 29, 2010

Election Time

I get really excited at election time. Yes I do.
1. There are so many political speeches full of rhetoric to listen to.
2. There are so many empty promises to influence my vote.
3. There are endless discussions about what policies are really really important but somehow never affect me personally.
4. There is always an aura of optimism that after the election things will somehow be different, ho hum...
5. There is the inevitable mud slinging and shock horror expositions of politicians' personal lives and sexual indiscretions to contemplate.
6. There are back room deals to be made, favors in exchange for favors that will secure vote preferences at election time.
7. There are endless possibilities to consider what will happen if the government loses the election to the opposition party.
8. There plethora of commentary questioning the integrity and honesty and intelligence of politicians which we all know have no integrity, no honesty and no intelligence. We just like to deceive ourselves that they do.
9. We are mesmerized by the election in the same way that ancient civilizations were mesmerized by the eclipse of the sun, and in the same way, life inevitably returns to normal afterwards.


Jeannie said...


Lexcen said...

Forgot to mention politicians kissing babies.

Patrick said...

White babies too lexcen. I see some twit is implying Julia Dullard is racist because it was a white baby she kissed.

This is how moronic election campaigning has become.