Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cameron Gray and Dead Letter Circus

Regular readerd of this blog, yes all two of you and not counting the indefatigable spammer who pollutes my comment section with each new blog posting, would think that I have nothing further to contribute besides my hobby horse called Islam.
You might wonder what I do all day, maybe you think I scour the internet relentlessly to find new stories to post about Islam. Not true. For example, I lurk Redbubble more than anywhere else. Today I notice some interesting art on their title page. I check further to find out the artist is Cameron Gray, an Australian. I feel it's my duty to promote Australian talent. Then I visit his website to find that he's made a video for an Australian band. Here's further opportunity for me to promote even more Australian talent, the band Dead Letter Circus.


Lexcen said...

I listened to Dead Letter Circus album This is the Warning and liked it. After a while I realized why, they sound like U2.

Patrick Carroll said...

Patrick does his best to promote Australian Music Lexcen...You should check out "Only Australian Music". The link can be found on the sidebar of It's A Matter Of Opinion.

Lexcen said...

I should, I somehow overlooked that link.