Saturday, July 17, 2010

Alliance Against Muslim Immigrants

An anti-Islam politician in The Netherlands is forming an international alliance to spread his message in a bid to ban Islamic immigration.
Geert Wilders said yesterday he would launch the movement this year in the US, Canada, Britain, France and Germany. " 'Stop Islam, defend freedom' is a message that's not only important for The Netherlands but for the whole free Western world," he said at the Dutch parliament.

This I find interesting. I've been posting articles on the problems with Islamic immigration for years.No point in repeating myself now.
Whether such a movement is ripe for the times will be decided by how successful it is or not.
I've done my best to warn readers of the problems associated with Islamic immigration and have done my best to avoid descending into arguments of irrationality and hate.
I doubt if this will be the case with the so called Alliance Against Muslim Immigration.
No doubt that hate mongers will be the first to align themselves with this movement.
No doubt accusations of racism will immediately surface and be hurled against this movement.
What is interesting is whether public opinion has changed enough in the last few years to give support this political movement. The PC attitude dominates of public opinion as far as I can see.
My fear is that such a movement, whose ideals I am in total agreement will only attract the ratbags, the fanatics, the racists and the xenophobes. For example, the British National Party (BNP) that has been strongly campaigning against Muslim immigration still carries the burden of its past association with Nazism.
In Australia, a few years ago, an naive and simple person called Pauline Hanson managed to get herself elected to Parliament on the platform of opposition to immigration. She quickly became the laughing stock because of an interview where she failed to recognize the word "xenophobia" and was hounded out of politics by a series of procedural and clerical errors that made her political party ONE NATION fail the test of legitimacy as a political party.
Although her sentiments were in the right place, she wasn't the right person to carry such a heavy load of responsibility and to lead a movement with all the pitfalls that political intrigue entails.
The PC view at the time was the final nail in the coffin of a single issue, would-be politician.  
My friend John Press on his blog Culturism, advocates the preservation of our culture as opposed to multi-culturism and  in essence, warns against the perils of Muslim immigration into U.S.A.  

Interesting times we live in.

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Patrick Carroll said...

More like dangerous times we live in.

Wilders better get some body armour, he's going to need it!