Friday, August 27, 2010

In the name of Allah

Woof woof woof, hear me? Woof woof woof.
Man's best friend is Allah's worst enemy. Iran bans pets, especially those filthy unclean canines.

IRAN today banned all advertisements in the country for pets, pet shops, pet food and other pet products, claiming that people's love for their dogs and cats may lead to "evil outcomes".
Declaring dogs in particular to be unclean under Sharia, he condemned Iranian dog owners for “blindly imitating the West” and warned that their infatuation would lead to “evil outcomes”, according to the state-run Mehr news agency.
Grand Ayatollah Shirazi has in the past issued fatwas objecting to women attending football matches, and proclaiming smoking to be religiously illicit.
Now who could possibly object to a country being run by the whims of Ayatollah Shirazi instead of that evil and corrupt system known as democracy?


Jeannie said...

No end to the idiocy.

Patrick said...

Dogs are not evil. Cats are evil.