Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Absurdity or Insanity?

The recent news of the U.N. appointee to interface with any alien contact first appeared so absurd that I thought I would blog about it. Then I sat on it and considered it for a while. Then I read this article which says just about all I would want to say about this subject.
Now you might think that's about it, but wait there's more....
Researching Mazlan Othman, the scientist who will be the U.N's ambassador to aliens who make contact with earth I found this article.

Yes, a Muslim no less is appointed to this position.
What possible relevance could this insignificant fact have?
Well, every time I research Muslims, especially those in influential positions (see previous post) I like to dig deeper and find out what they are thinking. In this case I don't need to dig any deeper because the absurdity of the position of ambassador to aliens is enough. Did Mazlan Othman come up with the idea on her own or was she approached? Either way who cares? I do!


Jeannie said...

That's just insane. If there ever happens to be alien contact, it is unlikely that she - or anyone designated - will be anywhere near the physical position and furthermore, no one is or could be qualified for the position. Communication will be awkward. Let's say they find me on an isolated road one night. Am I going to say - hang on - I'm not the one you need to speak to - let me get the ambassador on speed dial.

Anonymous said...

I wonder when Big Foot will get an ambassador?

Patrick Carroll said...

Maybe he was abducted?