Sunday, February 24, 2008

Technorati rankings

Ever wondered where your blog sits amongst the millions of other blogs on the web?
731,678! No that's not my phone number, that's my ranking by technocrati. Comparing Gripes of Wrath to fellow bloggers I find that they have a more respectable ranking in the 69,000 - 70,000 grouping.
I must work on my tits and arse articles not to forget "free porn" offers to increase my standing amongst my peers.


David said...

Do not worry about the ranking. They are skewed to encourage people to link back to them.

The true value is how many people actually read what you write. I believe you are doing a great job providing a different view.

Jenafear said...

heh - mine's 1,072,771.
I have a long way to go to achieve technorati excellence, I guess.

Lexcen said...

David, thanks for your comment.
Jen, at least you rank around the first million. I think there is an estimated total of 77Million blogs.