Sunday, February 24, 2008

Petitions and web political activism

Petitions are always a very meek and futile attempt to change anything in the world.
Yet, there's no harm in putting your name to one if you feel strongly enough is there?
Some people have decided to petition the world court to ban Islam. Sounds a bit far fetched and preposterous doesn't it? Just like Don Quixote attacking the windmills.
Check it out for yourselves.

We have yet to see the full power of the internet. Maybe one day we will witness the power of communication via the web to change the world. At the moment, there is an online group calling itself Anonymous which is sabotaging Scientology web sites.
Online information has managed to expose the deceit of photos that pull at the strings of our hearts with images of dead children, albeit it stage managed photos for propaganda purposes.
The atheist lobby group have organized themselves via the atheist blogroll.
And when it comes to Islam and it's links to terrorism, there is a plethora of sites on the web dedicated to exposing the beliefs of Islam to remove the veil of illusion that clouds perceptions of that ideology.
In Australia, we have the Australian Islamist Monitor campaigning for freedom of speech and the right to criticize Islam which effectively has been banned by legislation that has targeted hate crime but in fact only provides a weapon for Muslims to take to court anyone who speaks out and which Muslims consider offensive.

The power to rally diverse groups of people into action, via the internet, on issues of concern is only just beginning.


Ben said...

The Ban Islam petition is not the first, nor is it likely to be the last. My own petitions and several others are linked at my web site, Crusader's Armory:
My petitions concentrate on presenting the most vital evidence of Islam's mercenary & martial nature.

My Outlaw Islam petition presents some of the evidence in the process of demanding an amendment to derecognize Islam.

My Congress Debate Koran petition lays out much more detail, with hyperlinks to Islamic source documents.

If you will sign those petitions, paste them into emails and broadcast them, they will rapidly propagate knowledge of Islam.

Lexcen said...

Thanks Ben. I've checked out your site and it's definitely a great source of information and knowledge about Islam. I will do what I can to send traffic your way.