Saturday, November 20, 2010

Islamic Barbie

Sometimes I ask myself, "why do I bother?", in fact I ask myself this question quite often recently because it seems that there is a never ending stream of absurdity that relates to Islam and Muslims and the question is whether anybody really cares?
I know I care because every single facet of western civilization and values is being attacked from every possible angle, the evil Barbie doll being just the most recent example.
I don't want to speculate on what will be the next target because that would only be fuel for the fire that is Islam.
The question that often is raised in my household is this, "if we in the west are so horrible, if we are so degenerate then why do Muslims immigrate in such huge numbers to the west?". Wouldn't it be more appropriate that those unfortunate Muslims who find themselves living in the decadent and evil western society do their utmost to leave such an unwholesome society?
But then maybe I should be more like the rest of my fellow Australians and concentrate on sport and nothing else, 24/7.

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Jeannie said...

I often wonder the same thing. It's as if they think our decadence is unrelated to our success - if you want to call it that. They want a piece of the action but not the values that lead to the prosperity.