Friday, November 19, 2010

A Case of Mistaken Identity

I wonder why it took so long for a scenario like this to become fact?

After arriving at Campbelltown Local Court, in Sydney, yesterday with an identically dressed friend, Ms Matthews watched the in-car police video of her being pulled over and asked to lift the burqa so the officer could verify her licence photo.
The court was told that after being issued an infringement notice for not properly displaying her P-plates, the 46-year-old branded the officer "a racist" and claimed he only booked her because of what she was wearing.

"I've got my P-plates on my car ... there was nothing wrong with how they were displayed," Ms Matthews said on the video.
"You look at me and see me wearing this and you couldn't handle it. All cops are racist."
The court heard that Ms Matthews then drove to Campbelltown police station to complain that she was unfairly treated by the officer.
Giving evidence yesterday, the station officer who took the complaint said he had told Ms Matthews the officer had been right to ask for identification.
In a statement read to the court, Sergeant Paul Kearney said he told her: "I'm looking at you and all I can see is two eyes."
However, the court was told that an officer who three days later accepted a statutory declaration from a burqa-clad woman he assumed to be Ms Matthews failed to check her identification.
Ms Matthews' lawyer, Stephen Hopper, said there was no way for police to prove that his client was the one who signed the statutory declaration at Campbelltown police station on June 10.
Mr Hopper said that meant Ms Matthews should not have been charged with the offence of making a false complaint to police.
The hearing continues today.

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