Friday, June 03, 2011

War on Drugs

Everybody has an opinion on the War on Drugs.
Everybody knows that this war has failed.
You can sign the petition here
I won't because I think it's futile.
Not until we come up with some alternative strategy to dealing with drug use, will we be ready to de-criminalize drugs.

The reason the war on drugs has failed and will always fail is that people want to take drugs, no matter how dangerous they are and no matter how much they destroy lives!

Consider this
Let's consider the most contentious of all drugs, marijuana which has the most likely chance of being legalized.
In the Netherlands it has been legal for thirty years. Surprising that the government now considers the experiment to be somewhat a failure since they have decided to limit the sale to citizens. This is one of the most progressive and forward thinking societies in the world today. Now they recognize that there is an unsavory and undesirable element associated with marijuana tourism.

Consider this
The proliferation of ecstasy and similar drugs in the dance club environment is partially due to the high cost of alcohol. Young people want to get off their face and can't afford the high cost of alcohol but they can afford relatively cheap illegal drugs.

So legal drugs such as alcohol which we all know causes violent and irresponsible behavior including 30% of all road fatalities and alcoholism continues to be available. The onus on responsible use is on each and every individual. We know the failed policy to prohibit alcohol in America gave rise to organized crime much in the same way that recreational drugs are now the single most profitable enterprise for organized crime in the world today.

Consider this
The legal pharmaceutical industry is a source of prescribed morphine sold under the name of MS-Contin to treat severe pain. It is a concern to authorities that there has been an increase in deaths from overdosing on this medication.

We all know what the consequences of legalizing drugs would be, even more people would take drugs and possibly the illegal drug trade would end but it would be replaced by multi-national corporations much like the pharmaceutical industry exists today or maybe they might step in and take over manufacture and distribution.

So, the sentiments of the War on Drugs is really about how to end organized crime and the massive costs associated with sustaining the losing battle against organized drug trade.

And will society collapse if all drugs are allowed?
Consider the Opium Wars in China 1839 - 1860.
The Opium Wars broke China's isolation and allowed western penetration. The war was won by the drug merchants.

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