Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Carbon Tax

The Australian Prime Minister has taken the country by the throat, given it a good shake and told it this is not only for it's own good, but for the good of the planet, the good of future generations.
In other words she has introduced a carbon tax.

In practice, it is only a symbol, a nod to the rest of the world since Australia is only 0.3% of the total world population and our carbon emissions are less than 2% of the worlds total carbon emissions. Needless to say whatever we do will have no impact on climate change whatsoever. It is up to the big players, China, India and the USA to play along if anything is going to change.

Consider that if the whole world decides to follow Australia's example, the consequences of climate change will only be felt for 100,000 years.That's the good news but if the rest of the world does nothing, the consequences of climate change will linger for 500,000 years.

Of course the consequences of a carbon tax for the PM is that Australians can barely wait to get rid of her and her Labor Party, two years till the next election. Popularity for the government has sunk to 27%.

The expectations of the government are also pie in the sky stuff. They believe that the carbon tax will stimulate a $100 billion dollar investment in renewable energy. In other words windmills and solar panels. What else is there?
The only other viable alternative to coal powered electricity plants is nuclear. Still, the government is determined to shut down coal powered electricity plants. 

Meanwhile the country is reeling in shock and horror as expectations of doom and gloom fill the air.
The cost of everything will go up, especially anything that requires electricity because the main target of the carbon tax is electricity production. Promises that we will all (except for the very rich) will be compensated by the government don't give much comfort. After all we don't know what the real flow on costs will actually be other than knowing that all industries hit with the carbon tax will surely pass on the cost of that tax to the consumer.

Meanwhile our PM basks in self-congratulatory glory thinking of herself as the one who is behind the Mouse that Roared.


Trestin said...

It is a dark day, but it may be what is needed to wake more people up.

Patrick Carroll said...

She is nothing more than a kamikaze pilot. She knows that she's dead already and she really doesn't care. She's gonna ram this thing through anyway, it's her moment in the sun, delusional bitch.