Saturday, August 13, 2011

Climate Science

This week I watched a TV documentary presented by the head of the Royal Society. He wanted to explore why people question the science of climate change/global warming. I felt guilty as he paraded scientific fact after scientific fact. How dare I question the facts of science? I cringed in my chair watching.
He interviewed scientists from NASA and other areas who specialize in climate science. I was impressed by their knowledge and ability.
In fact, if I had a religion, which I don't, it would surely be science. So, I find myself uneasy with my skeptical attitude towards the consensus of climate change. Specifically I can't reconcile the fact that climate science is incredibly complex, considering all the variables that interact together to create climate, with the simple no brainer solution which is to reduce carbon emissions...which people believe will solve the problem.

I'll say it again, if climate science is so complex then how can the solution to global warming be so unbelievably simple?


Jeannie said...

I have to agree with you. If they can't accurately predict the weather for tomorrow or next week - how can they claim specifically this or that. I don't doubt that we might be adding to the issue but I think the planet goes through it's cycles regardless. It's like pissing during a flood. Ok - you've added to it but it was happening anyway.

Mattexian said...

The anti-AGW crowd has got good company with Texas' Governor Rick Perry, now running for President, speaking in New Hampshire and mentioning that he doesn't believe the manipulated science behind it and (if elected) won't use Federal power to institute govt. policy.