Thursday, August 18, 2011

One Day in the Life of Ivan Computergeek

Turn on PC. Wait five minutes for boot sequence to run.
Go to Google search.
See email inbox has new message, check messages before Google search.
Delete spam messages.
Read new message...cannot read it there is an app missing. Click download app.
Go to download app site and click download app.
Wait 2 minutes for download to finish.
Install new app. It requires reboot.
Reboot PC, wait 5 minutes.
See new email notice.
Check new email. Anti-Virus screen pops up warning of potential Virus threat. Asks me what to do.
Decide to delete email to play it safe.
Run new app to see email content.
PC freezes, no response to mouse or keyboard.
Wait five minutes....nothing happens.
Reboot PC, wait another five minutes.
Check Facebook site, read comments and respond to messages.
New email arrives, click to read.
More spam.Delete delete delete.
Go to Google search, try to remember what it was that wanted to be researched.
Wait 1 minute for brain to engage RAM memory. Consider adding more memory to brain but not feasible solution. Resort to memo pad on PC.
Memo pad says update available.
Click to download update.
New email arrives, click to read.
Update finishes installing. Message pops up, "Upgrade to full version for only $$$$"
Decline offer.
Check memo pad. Read notes and see reminder to defrag PC. Explains why speed has been lagging.
Engage defrag and wait 10 minutes.
Open Adobe Acrobat Reader. Message popup says update available.
Click to download update.
Wait 7 minutes for download.
Install update. PC reboot required.
Wait another 5 minutes.

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