Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What Awaits Gaddafi?

Kill one person, and you go to jail, or get a life sentence that is long enough to make it feel like life.
In some places, you even get the death penalty.
Kill, one hundred to a thousand people and you get a really good trial, with all the trimmings.
Kill hundreds of thousands of people and what do you get?
(a) political asylum
(b) a really really big trial
(d) execution

Whereas I applaud the demise of Saddam Hussein, I have doubts about the final outcome of a mass murderer such as M.Gaddaffi.For example, look at some examples in history.
Idi Amin lived comfortably in exile but Nicolae Ceaușescu wasn't so lucky, he managed to piss off enough people to get himself assassinated.
Joseph Stalin died a natural death. So did the Nazi sympathizer Juan Perón. So did Mao Tse Tung.
So did Slobodan Milošević, responsible for the Srbrenica massacre.François Duvalier aka Papa Doc died a natural death. So did the butcher of Cambodia Pol Pot, conveniently avoiding a trial for his crimes.

If we do the sums, the chances are that the more people you kill, the greater your chances are of evading justice.


Jeannie said...

No - you just have to do it politically. First, lead a coup...start practicing the killing..

southfield_2001 said...

Not to dismiss the validity of your point but Idi Amin is long dead (2003).

Lexcen said...

Thanks for your comment, details now corrected.