Friday, September 02, 2011

eBooks on Android

I've stumbled across the greatest technological innovation since sliced bread.
If you like to read and you're not aware of eBooks then you should be.
I'm not talking about the iPad and the Kindle gadgets, as great as they might be, rather I've installed eBooks in my Android phone.
This is absolutely fantastic way of carrying a large number of books around with you and they all fit in your top shirt pocket.
Waiting at the clinic to see the doctor? Pull out the Android and read.
Sick of those TV commercials? Hit the mute button on the remote and read.
If you like to read in bed, then holding a heavy book isn't ideal but holding an Android is perfect. You don't even need light, the settings in the phone make sure you can read without disturbing your partner if they're asleep.

So, if you like this idea here's how you go about it.
1. Download the free app here
2. Google search for eBooks, there are thousands of books available. Try this site for example, where all eBooks are free
3. Plug your Android via USB to your PC and transfer the books to your Android.


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Jeannie said...

I've got an e-reader and love it - but you are so right - I don't always have it with me. The reader is an app available on my phone - I really should use it! I'll be checking out that site once I'm done here - Thanks!