Thursday, December 08, 2011

Jet Set Refugees

Boatloads of "refugees" arrive on Australia's coast at regular intervals and more frequently than ever before.
These "refugees" are from Iran,Iraq,Afghanistan,Syria.
In other words they are from the Middle East. So, they are more than likely to be Muslims.
I wonder why Muslim refugees find Indonesia so distasteful that they risk their lives to get to Australia? After all, Indonesia is a Muslim country.

I wonder how refugees from the Middle East Manage to get to Indonesia. Look at the map and you'll see they can't just walk there from the Middle East. They can't take a train or a bus. More that likely they flew there. In other words, jet setting refugees.
Now you can't just get on to a plane and fly to Indonesia because you would need a passport, otherwise the Indonesian customs wouldn't let you in to their country.
So what happens to their passports and/or documents of identity when these refugees set sail for Australia? Do they shred these documents?
Do they sell them?
Do they lose them at sea?

All we know is that they will arrive pleading for asylum without any credible form of ID. That's why it takes years to process their claims and legitimacy of refugee status. In fact, it's hard to ascertain their country of origin because they don't have passports or I.D.

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