Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Guest Speaker Mohameed Ali Zander

Dear Ridders,

I haf bin invited on to dis blog to explain much misunderstandings about my religion Islam.
My name is Mohameed Ali Zander and by the will of Allah and his prophet Mohammed (PBUH) I will learn you that in the teachings of our most holy books, the Qu'ran, as revealed by the archangel Gabriel to our prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and the will of Allah God (most gracious and most merciful)., the one and only God.

Those of you who have been unfortunate enough not to have been raised in the teachings and traditions of Islam, note that everybody on dis planet is born Muslim, it is only but unfortunate circumstance that you may end up as infidels, and I will elaborate on dis issue later on, you must be guided back into the fold of Islam, of which dis article is the means to an end, as is my purpose on this earth to fulfil the will of Allah (most gracious and most merciful).

The first thing to understand is dat all monkey western secular knowledge, all  monkey science and technology, all monkey scholarly learning and filthy dog philosophy and rationality and logic are worthless piece of shit. It is only through the words of Allah (most gracious and most merciful)., spoken to the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) that true knowledge is revealed. Your dependence on rationality and logic is flawed, it is the wrong path, a path taken that will inevitably lead you and your civilization to self-destruction.
It is only with abandoning logic and shunning rationality, throwing away the illusion of clear thinking, then and only then is only by embracing Islam and it's teachings that you will be saved.

It is true that many of my brothers are so enthusiastic about saving you filthy dog infidels from self-destruction that we are prepared to blow you up in order to save you. Do not try to understand this line of thinking because your monkey tools of reason and logic are flawed.
Only through total submission to the will of Allah (most gracious and most merciful)., Islam being in fact the word for total submission, that you will be saved.
In another blog written by a filthy pig Jew, http://plancksconstant.org/ he is full of praise for the achievements of his brother filthy pigs and how many Nobel prizes they have attained. I say, Hahaha, dogshit, who cares? My brothers are proud that we have systematically destroyed all intellectual,scientific, philosophical, independent thinking since the 7th Century with the birth of Islam, and replace it with a culture based on a religion that stifles free thinking, that suppresses women.
Knowledge is evil, knowledge is Satan. Do not be influenced by all that is evil in this world, you have a choice to change course and totally submit to Allah (most gracious and most merciful). Then you will be saved.

P.S. Those born into Islam will be saved first and those who convert will be saved later. Last will be the niggers.

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