Saturday, January 07, 2012

Humans versus Animals

Hooray for science. I love science and it's sibling technology.

Man made chimeras in the form of monkeys. Why not?

It's strange that the only taboo confronting scientists is that they cannot experiment on human beings.
Just imagine the wonderful strides in progress that scientists could make if they were allowed to experiment on humans.
Isn't it wonderful that us humans have the entire zoological population available to experiment on for the benefit of us humans? That's because us humans are so superior to all other species. That thought alone justifies any experiment on other animals.
And we needn't feel any guilt because only us humans have feelings like pain, happiness, sadness. Only us humans have enquiring minds and experience interest in novelty and experience boredom.
We know this because we have the ability to speak and express our emotions, thoughts, ideas, beliefs.
Certainly that makes us superior to animals.
And if that wasn't enough, we know we were made in God's image whilst all the other animals were made to serve us humans.
And of course we can't experiment on other humans because human life is sacred while all other species lives are dispensable, disposable, worthless.
That is unless somebody declares a certain species is in danger of extinction (usually a result of human behaviour) and then everybody goes gaga attempting to save that species from extinction.
That's important because each species that becomes extinct gives us human beings a guilt trip, after all we were responsible for causing that species to become extinct.
 Humans have such mixed emotions about other animals...that must be because we are superior to them. After all other animals only care about themselves and where their next meal is coming from.
Systematically destroying all the worlds forests for hundreds of years, destroying habitats of other species has been the result of humans self-serving interests. Clearing forest is important because we need more and more grazing land for crops to feed an ever increasing population. Prioritizing for humans at the cost of all other species goes without saying. We are superior therefore we will prevail.
Humans have become so numerous on planet earth that our shit permeates every corner of the globe. Literally human shit, human garbage, human refuse, human waste is everywhere. The carbon problem that many believe is behind global warming is just another form of human shit. Nuclear fuel cannot safely be dumped in the oceans or anywhere else but nuclear waste is an essential by-product of human need for energy. The by product being toxic human shit.
People who go to the local beach at summer for a swim are in fact swimming in human shit because that's where the sewerage pipeline empties all our shit.
If you're worried about the toxicity of fish, assuming there are still fish to catch, it's because of toxic human shit being poured into the oceans. We treat the oceans as our toxic chemical sewer.
Of course the great thing about being human is that we can rationalize our dilemma and pass the buck because we personally aren't responsible. In fact, nobody is responsible for anything. Don't believe me, then try finding somebody who will accept responsibility for anything that's wrong with the world today.
Of course, left to themselves, animals would never let the world become what is has become today.
That's because unlike humans, animals don't keep reproducing when there's not enough food to go around.
Unlike humans, animals die as readily as they are born because they are all part of the food chain.
Humans have no predator to keep our numbers in check.
Yes there are diseases but we keep finding cures for them to stop us from dying.
That's why we need animals to experiment on, to find cures to help us stay alive.
Isn't it wonderful that human life is sacred?

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Jeannie said...

I do wonder about this all the time. Why are birth control and abortion still considered wrong? Why is suicide/euthanasia so wrong?

I noticed just last night that the heart and stroke charity are no longer whining about these being a major cause of death - (I wondered when they'd figure out that we all have to die of something and these will always be at the top of the list) and are now saying "premature" or "early" although when exactly is a timely death?

And more of the earth is destroyed - not just to support people but to support people who are extraordinarily wealthy and greedy for more. The wee people don't have the money to do more than scrape up an existence and contribute less to the problem than the moneyed (us). In fact, those people living on the garbage dumps are likely helping to save the planet.

We are truly disgusting.

While personally, of course, I want to live the easiest, most comfortable life I can, I am secretly hoping that a massive catastrophic event or 2 or 3 combine soon to wipe most of us off the face of the earth. But not throw everything back to the dark ages so that perhaps, lessons could be learned and changes made and humans wouldn't have to be the parasites we are.