Friday, April 13, 2012

Muslims in Belgium

In Belgium, there is s women's movement against the rise of Islam.
The website is called Woman Against Islamisation.
The world is changing and people have woken up to the dangers ahead.
According to Wikipedia, in 2008 the estimate was 6% of the Belgian population was Muslim.
What does it take to shake the apathy out of people?
I began by describing how people like my grandmother in the 1920's on the left of the political spectrum right up to the 1970's  who championed the cause for women - but where are they now? In the 1980's and 90's women were told you´ve never had it so good but now in 2012 they have turned their backs on European women and now fight only for the right choose in abortion, gay rights, overseas arranged marriages and the rights of immigrants.
But since the left has lost its voice, someone else must speak out for the women of Europe. Now is the time for Nationalists to work closer together to support women and to raise public awareness of the increasing dangers of Islam to our way of lives and for the future of all our children. We must be prepared to stand up and be counted. 

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