Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sink the Titanic

Approaching the 100th anniversary of the Titanic legend, a media blitz is eminent.
What I wondered was the source of this legend? In other words, why was the Titanic considered unsinkable?

Seems like it was the worst case of marketing spin gone wrong in the history of spin doctoring.

Of course there is an alternative explanation for the label of "unsinkable"

The Titanic, designed to carry 600 crew and 5,000 passengers, was declared ‘unsinkable’ by means of its compartmental design, with “…pine steel divided into 30 steel water tight compartments whose massive bulkheads [could] all be closed simultaneously by one lever on the ship’s bridge.” 

AND... this has turned out to be another spin churned out by the engineers.

I guess we should all be a little bit more cynical when it comes to believing the spin that we are fed 24/7. 

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