Saturday, August 17, 2013

Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood

It seems strange to consider that the Muslim Brotherhood, who got into power in Egypt legitimately by democratic elections are now rioting because their leader has been deposed by the military.
It is strange because the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic fundamentalist ideology group behind what we might consider these days as "radical Islam", for example Al Qaeda, have ended up getting a bit of their own medicine. As in Iran, where the mullahs have established the most undemocratic of regimes, a mulla-ocracy.  That is the ultimate goal of the Muslim brotherhood. Pity that the army in Egypt decided to put a stop to such nonsense. Morsi was obsessed with Sharia law and Islamic priorities above any democratic agenda or economic policies.

I can't help wondering about the Egyptian people, what were they thinking when they voted for Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood that he stands for?

So, it's strange to consider that the ideology that is hostile to democracy, the ideology that got into power democratically, has now been usurped by a most undemocratic means.
So should we feel sympathy for the Muslims who are outraged by their loss of democracy?

Strange indeed...strange times we live in.

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Lexcen said...

It now seems like the new Egyptian government is considering proscribing the Muslim Brotherhood. Islam and democracy don't seem to co-exist peacefully, especially when the form of Islam is that of the Muslim Brotherhood.