Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Alas Poor Egypt

Give them democracy and everything will be fine...
That's the catch-cry of the naive and idealistic.
So the Egyptians got their democracy and what did they do with it?
They voted in the Muslim Brotherhood.
WTF were the Egyptians thinking?

Mohamed Morsi is a leading figure in the Muslim Brotherhood. The MB is the group that is behind fanatical Islamic Jihad ideology and the re-establishment of the Caliphate worldwide.

MB don't respect democracy or human rights or the values of a democratic state. They use democracy to get into power and then wham, impose Islamic rule.

How ignorant are the Egyptians? It seems very very very ignorant and now they're up in arms protesting.

So if the Egyptians can be so stupid, what hope is there for western countries that pride themselves on democracy and freedom of religion? They're ripe for the MB to set up base and use democracy to achieve their aims. Forget about suicide bombers and Al Qaeda. All you need is democracy to open the door to the MB.

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