Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Online Shopping

There is growing discontent among Australian retailers that they are losing business to international online traders.
They deserve to be left behind because they have been lazy, complacent and arrogant...also grossly incompetent.

My personal experience proves this to be true.
I decided to shop online at Myer, which is an institution in Melbourne as well as the most recognized of all department stores.

One item I wanted was on the catalog but not available. Two other items I ordered were available but after accepting payment, I was notified that one of these two items could not be sourced. In other words, they took the order and the payment and just left the unavailable item as a suspended transaction.
I wanted this item specifically for Christmas, a gift for a family member.
I phoned Myer customer service and asked would I be getting this item before Christmas? The reply was "we are trying to source it". This is five days after the order was processed and payment was accepted.
No indication that the item would be delivered before Christmas.

This standard of service is not acceptable and leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

BTW, Click Frenzy was the biggest non-event of the year as servers crashed at the opening time and didn't resume until midnight. That is when everybody was asleep.

Not good enough Australian retailers!

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Mattexian said...

Sounds like your Aussie stores need to catch up to the current level of global business. I've made several international purchases, including Canadia, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, and Macau, most recently. There's just some things that aren't available in one's own country, and the best (or easiest) solution is shopping online. I'll admit to looking thru online catalogues from Australian shops, but haven't bit yet, since y'all have some limiting import/export laws, which I've heard folks from down there complain about too. Sounds like that business that offers a rerouting from the US is on top of things.