Monday, November 12, 2012

Child Abuse and the Catholic Church

Don't hold your breathe. Don't expect any significant changes to result from any inquiry into the Catholic Church and it's dismal record of child abuse.

First and foremost in importance to the Catholic Church is the Church itself. Nothing else matters as much as the survival and continuance of business as usual.
Pesky little issues such as revelations of child abuse, following many years of accusations of child abuse; secret deals involving hush money paid by the church for silence of victims, and blatant denials by church officials have failed to wave away the stench that emanates from festering sores of its victims.

It is obvious to me that the root cause of the child abuse behavior of the Catholic clergy is the ancient policy of celibacy. Strange then to know that at around 1500, 50% of priests were married. Celibacy was always a double edged sword, to protect the assets of the church and to gain respect from the lay people. The history of  the Church is filled with facts concerning sexual profligacy by the clergy. Some Popes having a litter of bastard children some of whom were appointed cardinals and eventually promoted to Pope. Boccaccio's Decameron is full of stories of debauchery depicting the times he lived. Read the history of the Borgias if you want to delve deeper.

So whilst there are cries for an inquiry, the shredding machines will be running hot in the Church archives, much like the last days of a political party that has lost an election and the mandate to govern.

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