Sunday, October 27, 2013

Prosecute the REAL racists

There are laws in place to protect the sensibilities of the Muslim community. They are categorized as "anti-hate speech" and "anti-racism". As obnoxious as these laws are because they stifle free speech, I say let's implement these laws to their full extent and target the real racists and hate speech mongers.
So it's no surprise to me to read this latest news article about a random attack on Jews on the street.
No surprise to discover that Muslims were involved in the assault.

No doubt these Muslims will be prosecuted for assault but I doubt they will be prosecuted under the racial discrimination/hate crime laws. That's because nobody wants to admit that Islam is a racist religion.

Sydney authorities charge three in connection to brawl.Five Australian Jews were injured in what is being described as an anti-Semitic attack in Bondi, a suburb of Sydney Australia, on Saturday morning.
The victims, four men and a 62-year old woman, were all injured in the brawl during which eight young men set upon them after yelling “derogatory comments,” New South Wales police said.
Three males, two of whom are teenagers, are being charged in connection to the attack, after being restrained by employees of a nearby hotel who rushed to intervene in the fight.

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