Monday, September 01, 2014

What is Bi-Polar?

Hi Lexcen,
My name is Laura and I'm depressed. It's not easy to admit that to a stranger, but like many, the death of Robin Williams has made me want to confront this problem.
Robin Williams had always been open about his addictions and his depressions. As a freelance writer, he made me want to make use of both my personal and my previous professional experiences to contribute in some way; by writing a guide on bipolar and depression. You can read it here:
I'm not saying it will cure people, but I hope it helps them to understand themselves and to reach out.

It would be wonderful if you could add my guide as a resource, but I am also happy to write a unique piece for your site on the subject too.

With the shock of Robin Williams committing suicide, the world has turned their attention to the mental illness of Bi-polar disorder.

Q.What do I know about bi-polar?
A.My wife suffers from it.

The fact is that someone you know probably has bi-polar but you aren't aware of it. In that sense, think of Robin Williams in all his manic and hilarious monologues and you don't immediately think of  depression. In other words people you might know as bubbly,manic,exciting to be around might be suffering from bi-polar. Unless you live with somebody 24/7 you will not be familiar with the wild mood swings that characterize bi-polar.

People with bi-polar have manic episodes. For example, any small stimuli can progress very rapidly from excitable to manic levels of energy. Think of Robin Williams escalating from a passing comment into a wild tirade of cascading ideas,stream of consciousness rants and hilariousness.
What you don't see in the public image of Robin Williams, is the opposite effect, the other pole of bi-polar where a small disappointment,obstacle or hindrance escalates into a downward spiral of depression.

People with bi-polar cannot control their manic and their depressive mood spirals.

Robin Williams on YouTube

Thanks to Laura for this post.

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