Saturday, July 15, 2006

Epigenetics and Acquired - Inherited characteristics

Any schoolbook text will tell you that evolution is the mechanism by which characteristics of a species is selected to favor survival of that species. It is a doctrine of Darwinian Evolution theory that only the environment has any influence on which physical features are dominant in a species. Variation in characteristics when they do occur will either be selected for or against in a process of "Natural Selection" (the environment determines which features are advantageous to individuals of the species) and gives advantage to those individuals to reproduce and an advantage to survive within their environment.
This is such a critical doctrine of Darwinian Evolution that all other possibilities are considered heretical. During Darwins' time, Mr Lamarck, who also had theories about the mechanism of evolution believed in acquired characteristics. Now jump ahead to the 21st century and scientific research is telling us that DNA can pass on acquired characteristics.
This is mind blowing stuff. It not only requires a re-assesment of Darwin's Theory, but has vital ramifications for all those scientists lobbying for genetic engineering. You see, the argument has been that it is safe, modifying genes to benefit mankind is safe. Or so they would have you believe, especially vested interests such as MONSANTO.
If you still feel safe, then research what authorities on genetic engineering who don't have vested interests will tell you about the TRANSGENIC nature of DNA. That is in simple terms, DNA from one species can be transferred to DNA of another species.
So, in summary, modern science doesn't know much about how DNA came into existence, modern science is congratulating itself on mapping DNA, with promises to curing terminal diseases like cancer.
Yet DNA has epigenetic characteristics as well as transgenic characteristics.
I love science, but I wish scientists would tread more carefully. It's not the atom bomb we should be afraid of but the arrogance of those who talk down to us from their PHD pedestal.

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Intolerant said...

**That is in simple terms, DNA from one species can be transferred to DNA of another species.**

Isn't this obvious?