Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Chronic fatigue syndrome and enterovirus link.

This is not new news but it is new to me. I find it interesting to see that a possible link has been found between CFS and enteroviruses, or those found in the gut.
I have personally suffered all my life with bloating and sensitivity to foods for no apparent reason that any doctor could diagnose. The associated fatigue has never really registered in my mind that there could be a link.
I was first excited by the discovery of the heliobacter pylori bacteria and had myself tested for possible infection.
Unfortunately, I didn't have that particular bacteria in my gut so the medicine available wasn't suitable for me.
Eventually I contracted a serious case of diverticulitis and was prescribed a course in anti-biotics that seemed to stave off the infection and even more reassuring was the fact that I wouldn't have to have my bowel removed.
The latest discovery that the enterovirus might cause CFS and spread to other organs makes perfect sense to me because I seemed to have prostatitis inflammation at the same time I had gut problems. I'm no doctor but then the doctors I consulted have been at a loss to explain the cause of my problems.
It seems that we have been underestimating the effects of bacteria and viruses in our gut and their effects on our health.


Hammer said...

I've wondered about the connection myself.

I'm wondering how these infections spread...air, food, water?

Jeannie said...

I have had a lot of problem with wheat over the last 15 years. Funny though...since I've been taken the 5HTP, I haven't had any trouble at all. Weird. I put it down to less anxiety - things move through easier.

Doctors know a lot but they don't know nearly everything. And they don't like to listen to naturopaths and such as a rule

Lexcen said...

Wheat allergy was suggested to me but it didn't help.