Friday, December 07, 2007

Thoughts on Islam

I've been continuing my study of Islam and let me summarize, for those of you who still haven't bothered to reach for a book or two to learn something about this religion.

Muslims have the word of Allah telling them via the Archangel Gabriel, to Mohammed, what God (Allah) wants. Allah wants everybody to become a Muslim. We have a choice, convert to Islam or die. Simple as that. Once you convert, you cannot leave, or if you try to leave, you will die.
Pretty simple isn't it? There is no attempt to convince us to believe in Allah via miracles or any show stopper events. No more great floods, no more great plagues, no more pussy footing around. The choice is ours. Become a Muslim or have your head cut off.
It is important that those who refuse to convert have their heads cut off.
All laws in Islam follow these rules. Do as Mohammed did and it is OK. Do as Mohammed said and it is correct. No need to think about anything, just mimic the great prophets behaviour.
Of course what I find intriguing is that whenever Mohammed, in the course of his life, breached any of Allah's laws, he had a revelation from Allah to say it was OK to do it.
So for example, if Mohammed reneged on a contract, that was OK because it was for the cause of Islam. If Mohammed raped and pillaged, that was OK because it was for the cause of Islam. If Mohammed desired somebody else's wife, that was OK because it was for the cause of Islam. Are you getting the drift?

Now nothing pissed off Allah more than the Jews. After all, Mohammed gave them the option to convert to Islam and they refused.

Now here is the really good part. Every Muslim is obliged to wage war against non-believers. That is what Jihad is all about. So if you are thinking about converting to Islam because it is exotic, trendy, something new, fashionable or whatever other reason, remember that you are then obliged to cut off as many heads as you can. Women and children cannot be spared. It is the will of Allah.

Of course many of you would like to read the Qu'ran to verify what I am saying. Bad luck because you have to read it in Arabic. Apparently Allah only talks in Arabic.

In summary, you must worship a bloodthirty, racist God or die. And that is why British Law is oppressive. Get it?


Jeannie said...

Oh but if you say this, others will claim that it is only the fanatical Muslims that believe this or would act on it - a very small minority!

But they do tend to speak up a lot don't they?

The debacle with the teacher should be a wake up call to everyone to refuse to bend for their religion - they do not have the right to impose their values on those of a different faith (Lebanon used to be Christian but opened the doors to oppressed Muslims and look what's happened there)

Lexcen said...

Jeannie, the notion of "fanatical Muslims" is as much as myth as that of "Peace loving Muslims". You are or you are not a Muslim as much as there is no such thing as being half pregnant.