Monday, February 07, 2011

Multiculturalism failure in U.K.

Not long after the German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared multi-culturalism a failure, the British Prime Minister David Cameron now makes the same declaration.

Anybody surprised by this trend?
You shouldn't be surprised. I'm not.

Of course when such statements are made by the British PM, you know there is a dramatic wind of change blowing. After all, the UK has been extremely tolerant of Muslims and has adopted a policy of multi-culturalism that is draconian in it's intolerance of any perceived racism. Under the guise of multi-culturalism, the UK has even enshrined the rights of gypsies in common law.
I can't say what motivated the British PM to make such a radical statement and herald a dramatic turnaround in political policy. There is definitely a change in public mood in the UK because no politician would make such comments without strong public backing.

It's interesting to note that the British Nationalist Party, which has been campaigning against Muslim immigration for many years, and has carried the stigma of  harboring Nazi ideology, might be given a boost by the comments of PM David Cameron.
The Conservative Prime Minister triggered a bitter row yesterday in which he was accused of backing the far-right English Defence League - since a large EDL rally was held in the multicultural city of Luton on the same day as his speech.
Personally, I abhor violence but think it is inevitable because of  the "too little too late" approach of  politicians. There is a very real danger that the UK will be torn apart as right wing groups as well as Muslim outrage surfaces into open hostilities and street violence.


Damien said...


I'm surprised, but I'm pleasantly surprised. I was worried that it would take even longer for their leaders to admit they had a problem.

Damien said...


I don't approve of the violence through.