Saturday, February 19, 2011

Solutions to world problems

In the last couple of days, the failure of multiculturalism and more specifically the failure of Muslims to integrate into our society has become a fierce subject for public debate.
I'd like to think that my efforts on this blog have been partially responsible for this but I don't think so.
This means I can focus my attention and energy on other matters. Maybe I can contribute to solutions to many problems that plague us? For example, let's get rid of traffic lights at all intersections and replace them with roundabouts. Instantly traffic will flow more efficiently and there won't be any more fatal accidents between cars running red lights and cars making right hand turns.No need for red light cameras...yes the government won't be happy with the loss of revenue... but its worth it.
I have lots more solutions, stay tuned.


Mattexian said...

Nobody know how to drive in one of those things here! I know they weren't covered in the driver's handbook given out with new licenses. I think the one in my town was one of the last in Texas, and it's been gone since before I was born (1971).

Lexcen said...

good point. Many people don't understand the rules here either because they stop at the entry point when they don't need to. It's supposed to work on common sense which is in short supply around here.
Here's how it's supposed to work. You may enter the roundabout at any time but must give way to cars already in the roundabout and approaching on your right (in the U.S. it would be any cars already entered and approaching on the left).