Sunday, February 20, 2011


Here is a parable on the  perils of bureaucracy.
There's a man who collects a toll at a bridge. There was a need for somebody to handle his wages, so a   paymaster was employed. The paymaster needed a secretary. Now there were three employees and this meant that a supervisor was required. The supervisor was accountable to a manager of operations. The manager of operations created an Occupational and Health Care officer to oversee safety of all employees. In these modern times, inevitably there would be a need for environmental impact monitoring so another department with environmental officers was established. Such an operation required an accountant to control revenue and expenditure. The accountant advised that the operation was running over budget so they sacked the toll collector to cut costs.

THE navy is facing a critical shortage of engineers to maintain and run its fleet, raising grave doubts about its ability to operate more than $50 billion worth of new ships and submarines due to be delivered over the next decade.
The report's revelations come in the wake of current Defence Minister Stephen Smith's angry rebuke to the navy this week for the mismanagement of its amphibious fleet, which meant none of its three largest ships was seaworthy to help in the aftermath of Queensland's Cyclone Yasi.
 So, there's a problem in the Australian navy.
Should we employ consultants to look into the problem and at the cost of $millions of dollars give us a report on the bleeding obvious?


Here's Lexcen's simple and elegant solution.
Get rid of the bureaucracy and put the money where it's needed.

In fact, while we're getting a dose of common sense, why not also fix the ailing healthcare system?
 I know the government has plans for reforms that will make the system more efficient and reduce waiting times in emergency wards in public hospitals or so they claim.

Here's Lexcen's simple and elegant solution.
Get rid of the bureaucracy and put the money into doctors and nurses instead of administration.

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